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The Centro Studi is dedicated to the writer Ignazio Silone, in Via del Carmine in Pescina. The buildings for our Workshop are located inside the former convent of the Minor Conventuals, built at the time of St. Francis of Assisi. It became a municipal theater and is now used as an inspiring location for future thinking by Sulit.

The beautiful village of Pescina in the heart of Abruzzo lies nearly 800m above sea level, centered exactly between the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian sea, surrounded by mountains.  Pescina is a unique location famous for it´s culinary specialities like safran and truffle and the optimistic and resilient mindset of it´s people.

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Via del Carmine 25
67057 Pescina AQ, Italy
Tel: +49 171 7880682



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  • From Airport ROMA Ciampino to Pescina: direct Shuttle by Prontobus
  • Airport Ciampino to Pescina by car 45 min (No direct train connection)
  • Airport Fiumicino to Pescina by train 1,5h
  • Airport Fiumicino to Pescina by car 1,5h
  • Airport Fiumicino to Pescina: direct Shuttle by Prontobus
  • Airport Pescare to Pescina by car 1h
  • Airport Pescara to Pescina by train
  • Book a shuttle by Sulit to the hotel here
  • No parking fee in Pescina
  • During the Workshop all shuttles are included and organized by Sulit