What is Sulit?

Sulit is a European organization based in Berlin operating in Pescina, Italy, that organizes wholistic programs for future thinking and transformation. The call for transformative actions and skills today is omnipresent to guide teams and organizations into a desirable yet unknown future. Thus, places of learning and exchange are dearly needed.

Who attends Sulit Workshops?

A community of like-minded individuals, teams who want to engage in transformational and future learning on a deeper and meaningful level by solving real challenges.

CEO & CO of all industry

Creative industry


New Work Enthusiast

Innovation Manager

HR Executives from all Industries 



FACILITATORS AND VOLUNTEERS who want to work with various organizations across Europe.

Why should I attend Sulit Workshops?

Sulit brings innovative people and organizations to the village of Pescina to explore, learn and network while being fully immersed in the village life and working on real-life challenges. 

Working on real challenges by applying innovation and transformation methodologies Sulit believes in a quid-pro-quo approach.

Who´s the team behind Sulit?

Sulit was founded by 3 Berlin-based women Ulrike Gottschau, Jane Katharina di Renzo & Friederike Riemer who believe that real transformation comes from a place where we celebrate our humanness and beauty.

Only when we are fully present and engage with our environment we change and learn. 


ROOTS X WINGS is Sulit`s first workshop in Pescina, Italy. During the 4-day program we want to create ideas for a desirable future rural life. The workshop is a wholistic experience which focuses on real challenges.

Speaking& Expert Opportunities

Q: How do I propose my expertise as a speaker, facilitator or artist?
A: Email contact@sulit.eu with the below details and it will be reviewed by the content team.

Expert Name
Expert Biography
Proposed content/offer description

Q: Who should I contact if I have further questions?
A: Email jane@sulit.eu and Jane Katharina di Renzo will be happy to assist.

Sulit ROOTS x WINGS 2020 FAQ

Q: When is Sulit ROOTS X WINGS 2020?
A: 11-15. August 2020

Q: Where does it take place?
A: In the antik buildings of Pescina,

Centro Studi

Via del Carmine, 25,

67057 Pescina AQ, Italy

Q: When are tickets on sale?
A: Tickets will go on sale on 1rst March 2020

Q. How do I get more information?

Write us an E-mail


Q:What is included in the price?

  • Work in diverse small teams in the Centro Studi buildings
  • Application of Design Thinking, Speculative Design, Storytelling and Scenario Building methodologies
  • Facilitated workshop sessions
  • Interdisciplinary expert inputs
  • Guided learning process
  • Transfer session for own projects
  • Excursions around Pescina 
  • Integration of regional expertise
  • Regional and self-cooked food and drinks

Q: How to be member of Sulit Academy Club?

In 2021 Sulit will have a Club for all future visionaries. Write us an E-mail: contact@sulit.eu